performing arts

The Naomi Group Performing Arts Studio is where passion meets purpose and your child’s dreams become a reality. Our organization’s mission is to groom performers to become leaders in the entertainment industry. We offer classes on acting, dancing, and theater/tv production.

Your child will receive formal training on contractual processes, how to select an agent, TV&stage production, set design, play writing, audio visual, choreography, make-up and more. We will also have 4 workshops a year in which artists who are currently working in the entertainment industry will come and speak to the children on the dos and don’ts of the profession.

The tuition for your child to participate in this program is $99 a month for acting or dancing classes and $150.00 a month for both acting and dancing. Your tuition will include 2-4 classes a week, four productions a year, professional headshots that are updated yearly, 4 workshops from professional entertainers, and 16 formal classroom sessions.

At NGPA we believe that God calls every person to give back to their community, therefore once a year your child will participate in a community project that will be selected and orchestrated by the students. Because we are not only grooming performers but leaders the studio will have student led leadership. Sign your child up today at The Naomi Group Performing Arts Studio for them to begin their purpose filled journey to becoming a star.


Note: We will do our best to accommodate the days and hours selected, if those are not available we will contact you directly.

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