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Hello to all you beautiful people! Let’s have an amazing Thursday! We’re one day away from another great weekend!

There’s a motivational speaker that I enjoy listening to, his name is Eric Thomas. He has quite a few spoken word albums that I encourage you all to take some time to listen to. He covers many different topics that everyone could benefit from. Two of my favorites are Effective Communicationand Confidence vs. Arrogance. You can listen to his work on:




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It’s something motivational you can listen to while you’re doing other tasks or just while you’re relaxing. Sometimes it’s good to hear the hard truths from a person who has no earthly idea who you are LOL.

We love you all and be blessed.

♡ Verse of the Day

1 Thessalonian 5:11 NIV

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

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